Database Covering Energy and Petrochemical Value Chain

Benefited from the strategic partnerships with and Ganglian Holdings, GL Information offers customized consulting services based on the industrial database accumulated over 18 years, covering more than 150 commodities in oil, natural gas, coal, chemicals, and other fields. The database, including regional supply and demand changes, actual transaction prices, inventory and retail market distribution, etc., assists our clients and partners form a fast well-informed understanding of market changes.

Market Analytics

Our team incorporates quantitative market analytics based on PESTLE analysis into our clients’ decision-making support system (DSS).

Policy and Business Environment Interpretation

Upon China’s economic restructuring and political transition, its energy & petrochemical market enters a new policy-driven development phase. Fields of the policy changes widely involve politics, economy, financials, taxation, environmental protection, inbound and outbound investment, industrial structure, market freedom, and price mechanism. Blue-sky plan, marketization, digitalization, production ramp-up, consumption upgrade, domestic demand orientation, and financialized business models are key areas in the transition of energy & petrochemical industry.

GL Information offers in-depth policy interpretation and consultancy services, which help our clients understand behind driving forces and stay on top of the implementation progress, so as to seize business opportunities and avoid risks.

Corporate and Business Strategies

Our consultants strengthen the foreseeability and flexibility of our clients with varied positioning in the value chain, by below consulting services ---

  • Mid and Long Term Business Planning for Product Strategy, Sales Strategy, Competitiveness Strategy
  • Key Milestone Management in the Progress of Strategy Implementation
  • Procurement Pricing Strategy for Supply Chain Management
  • New Market Entry and Investment Strategy
  • Pre-IPO Industrial Due Diligence
  • Data Asset Management
  • Business Model Transition Advisory for traditional manufacturing

Tailor-made Trainings on Market and Decision-making Support System (DSS)

GL Information offers professionals and investors tailor-made trainings of China oil/natural gas/petrochemical industries including but not limited to:

About Market:

  • Industrial Structure & Economics
  • Competitive Landscape and Development Trend
  • Policy Interpretation and Analysis
  • Marketization Status quo, Trends and Challenges

About Business:

  • Value Chain and Trade flow

About Data Management:

  • Methodology Alignment and Multi-source Data Application
  • Efficient Information Management for Decision-making Support System